Online games that are free – Enjoy and learn how to do it.

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What do you know about online games that are free? I think lot of people like these kinds of games, and I am sure you are.

We enjoy playing these games. We feel happy when we win a game and always with the idea to reach the best level, to be the champion!

Why to play Online games that are free?

After having a stress day of working it would be relaxing to play in a computer or online, you share your time with your friends or just knowing another people, what is one of the games that relax me, it could be a jigsaw, bejeweled, this last one it is really good one, the puzzle game number one. It is about swaping two adjacent pieces to make matching rows of identical gems. The more gems you align, the more points you get, and if you do not know where to swap, you have a hint. There are several ways to play it, that those are: Classic, Zen, Lightning and Quest.

You can play it online at MSN Games, but it is more interesting to have it in the computer, well that is what I feel.

Another good one is flowerz, this game is about to plants flowers, matching three flowers of the same color.

Plant flowers, set up matches and cascades, and keep planning ahead making your garden flourish round after round. Making your matches at a leisurely pace or strategize your placements for higher scores. You can play Standard and Expert version. The more you play it the more challenge you get.

But there are good trivia and word games. Some of them are Family Feud, Wordz, Just Words that you will enjoy to play, no doubt.

Instant games

At facebook we can find a lot of online games that are free , one that I play play is UNO, it is like the UNO we play with cards, so if you know how to play it won’t be difficult to play. Some rules change but I really enjoy to play it and I am sure you will do too.

What features would you find? Tasks for the day, challenge task, five ways of playing, this means different rules like: Go Wild, Room Mode, Quick Start, Clasic Mode and Fun rules. Take a look at it, maybe you like it.

Another that I have played is 4 Pics 1 Word, consist in guessing a word, they show four images and you have to write the word that most represent their contents.

If you do not have an idea you can have a clue, but you lose points every time you use them. You even could ask a friend for the letter you need.

And if you like to play scrabble, the board game that we used to play with our friends and family could be at school, at parties or at home to relax and have a good time, you can play a game named Words, you can deal or invite a person to play with you, could be a friend or some player online.

You know that, the more letters you use, the more points you get.

If you have played Angry Birds you will enjoy playing Little Birds, the only thing that bother are the advertisements, but it is one of the best strategy games. If you have not played it, it is about red birds that are thrown using a slingshot to hit pigs.

Facebook gameroom

This is a platform with online games that are free, a lot of games here, but which I play most is Royal Solitaire, if you play Solitarire with cards, I am sure you did it with your parents and friends so it would be easy for you.

I like it because there is a tourment, an international one. There are a lot of players, and a lot of levels to reach.

Besides that has a tour, several levels where each level is a city of a state that could be USA, France, Mexico, etc. It is very interesting. We can be a Mayor of one of the States, funny ah! I love it.

Even more a tourment that reaches prizes, I could said medals. I haven’t count them but hard to reach them.

There are severals of these kinds, those are: Solitaire 2019, Solitaire Tournament, they are similar but I prefer the Royal Solitaire.

Most of the games that we play at Instant games at Facebook are in this platform, you just download it and voila! there you have it, easy to access to them.

The most games that we can play using Facebook at Instant games are here, just go to the desktop icon and there you go.

MSN Games

Well for relaxing I think the best play to play is MSN Games, as I said, the Bejeweled 3, is one of the best one, but I mentioned the flowerz, a challenged game. And what to say about trivia and word games really good specially Family Feud and Wordz.

What do I recommend about these online games that are free? Well as I wrote, there are a lot of games at Instant games, during these two years I have played a lot of them, but what I love to play, well after Solitaire, I could say that Words, 4 pics 1 Word, Little Birds, There are some matching games and arcade that are really good.


Games that you have played in your childhood, it could be Bingo, Poker, Solitaire, tic-tac-toe, Mahjoh, bouncing games, puzzles, crosswords, really a lot of entertainment.

Even soccer, or golf and another that people likes is the pool. What could I say, the best games are there, Instant Games and Facebook Gameroom.

I liked Facebook Game, I consider this software complete, it has all kinds of games: Solitaire, Arcades, Words, Ludo, Yahtzee, Zuma Blitz, Tetris Battle, about 50 games. Really good stuff!

 Visit these two platforms, both MSN and Facebook games are the best online games that are free, and I am sure you will really enjoy them.

But we can use several online games platforms to play, even those which we can earn money.  I think one of the best of all is Facebook Gameroom.  Are you agree with me? or could it be MSN games?  they have great games too, or is there another website that I did not suggest that really cares, and the best among the platforms I mentioned before? Please do not hesitate to leave your comments below.  Simply drop a line below and I will be sure to get back to you.  I can learn with those. 

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8 thoughts on “Online games that are free – Enjoy and learn how to do it.

  1. Considering the fact that I’m a game freak, you owe my standing ovation. I love getting to know about all these kind of softwares because I cannot just get enough from gaming. I had heard about Facebook Gameroom but yet to try it out but now that I know of what’s in for me, especially solitaire and tictactoe, OMG! I will get the game as fast as I can. The fact that the access to them is totally free is what I like most. Thanks

  2. Great post, and these free games are very enjoyable. In MSN in the past there was a game that was called garbage throwing. You had to throw it into a house, but had to be careful not to break a window. I tried to look for it but never found it anymore. And that is a sad thing, because to me, that game was epic. 

    1. Hi Emmanuel, well I never played that game, gargage throwing? interesting game, I keep in mind to search that game.

      Have a nice day!

  3. Online games for free I think you have found the perfect thing. Nothing worse thang having to shell out almost £50 or more on a game and you find out you don’t like it at least if the games you are playing a free game and you don’t like it, it’s not like you wasted your money. I feel everyone should know how have fun online and for free is even better. I really like this post keep up the great content.

  4. I don’t know how I got my self to this site, I can’t even remember the keyword I typed, but I was looking online for the games to bet on and I got my self to your site. Sincerely I don’t like playing games online and I have not tried before, but the way you have convinced me I have to try it. I wish to play flowerz how can I get it in my tablet? I will come back since I have bookmarked the post to get my answer.
    Thank you

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