The best free spreadsheet program – Microsoft Excel

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I consider spreadsheet is one of the best free spreadsheet program most used in our life, we use it in an office, in our house, in our school, during the morning, afternoon, night any time we want.

Spreadsheet is used when we start our studies could be in our school, in our university, most in our office, even in our duties at home.

I mean homeworks at our studies, every day the teachers assign us tables or reports about
Statistics, History, Social Studies, a lot of stuff that could be use with a spreadsheet program.

Even more, we could have a record of our expenses and accounts receivable in our home, how many times we have lost our purchase receipts, without having a control of our possessions, it is better to have it in the computer, we can access at those wherever we want.

Now at our office we use it for tables of sales, tables of custumers. accounting reports, statistical reports, really a lot of them, even with graphics such as Bar chart, pie chart, statistical chart and so forth.

How much do you use a spreadsheet

Why the best free spreadsheet program? an accounting report, for example, in an office it is an activity that help to have quick, responsable and trusty information for making the best decisions of a manager, useful everyday.

Manager do not have enought time to do this activities so they are helped with a secretary, or a clerical officer. There are so persons that now know how to use spreadsheet for make its work easier.

Being a student depends what he or she really wants, the best student or the worst, the best for sure, will be an expert using this program. It is easy to learn and has many interesting skills.

Regarding the home, we could use it to control our expenses or payments. And best of all working online as a freelancer that could be making trusty reports, with their respective charts, pivoting information, sorting by a particular field, matrix operations, using specific functions and operations and so forth.

Microsoft APAC

Personally I use it for doing my homeworks at the university, at the office for employers reports sorted by different kind of information, could be by name, or by number of employers, by age, by telephone number, by nationality, whatever I want.

An executive uses for his or her reports and like a secretary must know all the skills possible to use, all this activities for having trusty information and of course at the time needed, as quick as possible.

Planning to use the best free spreadsheet program

One of the best free spreadsheet program is Excel Online, you need to have an email account with Microsott, it could be with or If you want you can save your documents in the cloud, they have that service too.

To use it search: and there it is, they will ask you for your email account. and then select Excel for making reports, or tables at there. I use Google for the searching you can use the one you want it.

It is very important to have one of this software. The best free spreadsheet program is Microsoft Excel Online. There are another spreadsheet software online like Google Sheets, Zoho Sheet, Smartsheet, Airtable, among others.

Another thing to know is that exist severals downloadable for computers, I have used Microsoft Excel, and like alternative someday I used Kingsoft Spreadsheets, OpenOffice using calc, good softwares, and there are more of them like Gnumeric (an OS operatins system, Open Refine, Smart Sheet specially used for android and web, WPS Office and so forth.

The most important thing is to understand the toolbars, and every item of the menu, there are seven of them, and every one of those another items with differents skills.

These items at the menu are the following: Home, Insert, Page layout, Formulas, Data, Review, and View. And each of them has another items or functions of interest.

Why I consider the best spreadsheet?

Excel is one of the programs made for spreadsheet, well I used severals before this one, but it was long time ago, when Excel did not exist.

The first one I knew was Symphony, it was a IBM Personal Computer, many years ago, I think the 80’s, then Lotus 123, and finally Excel.

I remember that we used to install it with diskettes, it used to take time, these machines used to have the most fewest memory ever built. For example, an IBM Personal Computer began as a monocromatic monitor, then change to cga, following to VGA and finaly SVGA. Actually we have Light Emitting Diode (LED), and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), well that is what I think.

It is one of the software that has kept in the Market for long time, and the most important is that is international, many languages and it can be downloaded for a trial period or buy it for your computer, this is good to have it for the tools.

Microsoft APAC

Tools like operators and functions, plotting data, pivot tables, cell ranges, Vlookup, Matrix Operators among others.

It is interesting to know that there is Excel not only for Microsoft computer but for Mac.


Excel is the best free spreadsheet program, no doubt, it is easy to use, you have a cloud to have your documents, if you forgot your memory stick you do not have to worried because you have up there, I mean the cloud. Reports are editable any time you want.

It has a lot of tools needed for improve your reports, and it is known internationally.

You can use it at home, at school, any place you want even in a cafeteria.

I prefer Excel because I have used it for most of the time, many years. I have made forms. Reports, comparative reports, charts: could be pie charts, bar charts, Area charts and so forth. But I tell you this is my preference the anothers could be as good as Excel.

We can use several spreadsheets programs to improve our habilities and make our work easier, and I think the best of all is Excel, by Microsoft.  Are you agree with me? or that Corel programs are better than Microsoft?  they have spreadsheets program too, or is there another program that I did not suggest that really cares, and the best among the programs I mentioned before? Please do not hesitate to leave your comment below.

Simply drop a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you. I can learn with those.

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4 thoughts on “The best free spreadsheet program – Microsoft Excel

  1. Hi there

    A great article lauding excel!, I myself use excel a lot in my work and find it extremely useful for correlating information as well as keeping track of everything. From to do lists to passwords to a whole myriad of other tasks. I understand it is capable of much much more but even on a basic organisational level I find it to be a huge asset to my business going forward. A great product with a multitude of uses!

    1. Yes Rus. I am agree with you, a lot of things to do with this great spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel. I love it.  Ai that time, the 80’s, we used diskettes for installing the software, were about 6 or 7 of those, long time ago.

  2. Using spreadsheet since the 80s? Wow… You’ve been long in the game. Can’t even try to guess your age. No wonder your knowledge of how computers have transcended over time is impressive. Anyway, thanks for the information shared here but I just google google spreadsheet will soon cause excel to fade out. My opinion though. 

    1. Thank you, this software have changed, but the basic is the same, I remember the first one I used, it was called Lotus Symphony used on MS-DOS operating system, monocromatic.  I always have loved computers and I have learned a lot.

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